If you have a DCP and you need to determine its territory, use this table. If you are creating a DCP and you need to know what code to use for a territory, use this table. For countries not in this table, try the IANA Subtag Registry. Country codes are based on ISO 3166-1 country codes whenever possible. Exceptions are denoted with a Tag Scope.

For generic international versions you may replace the Territory and Rating codes in the CTT with:

  • INT-TD to denote International Texted
  • INT-TL to denote International Textless

The Release Territory is listed at //Reel[1]//CompositionMetadataAsset/ReleaseTerritory[1][2]

<CompositionMetadataAsset xmlns=”http://www.smpte-ra.org/schemas/429-16/2014/CPL-Metadata”>

  1. Permissible values for the Release Territory are governed by the scope attribute. The value of the scope attribute informs the recipient which values can be present in ReleaseTerritory. For instance, if the default value (http://www.smpte-ra.org/schemas/429-16/2014/CPL-Metadata#scope/release-territory/UNM49) is used, then only values defined in the IETF RFC 5646 Language SubtagRegistry. Future versions of the specification (or individual parties) can define additional permissible sets of values by introducing new values for the scope attribute. If a recipient finds a scope value it does not understand, it will not know what values can be present, but should nevertheless present them to the user. In other words, whereas the choice of contents for, say FullContentTitleText, is left entirely to the author, the contents of a ReleaseTerritory instance is intended to be limited to the values permitted by the controlled vocabulary identified by the value of the scope attribute. By default, these are specified by IETF RFC 5646. RFC 5646 does not allow all the territory codes listed on this page, nor does it allow INT. ↩︎

  2. Release Territory codes should be in upper case. ↩︎

Special Exception Note: OV (Original Version) is a territory agnostic “base” package. Some studios use this as a package that can be used in many territories by applying VF files to customize to specific territories. In this case, as per ST 429-16 for ReleaseTerritory metadata: “…for generic international versions, the code 001 shall be used.”

(For CTT)
ReleaseTerritory Tag
(For DCP Metadata)
Tag Scope
(For DCP Metadata)
United Arab Emirates AE AE
Albania AL AL
Armenia AM AM
Curacao AN CW
Argentina AR AR
Austria AT AT
Australia AU AU
Aruba AW AW
Azerbaijan AZ AZ
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA BA
Bangladesh BD BD
Belgium BE BE
Bulgaria BG BG
Bahrain BH BH
Bolivia BO BO
Brazil BR BR
Belarus BY BY
Belize BZ BZ
Canada CA CA
Switzerland CH CH
Chile CL CL
China Mainland CN CN
Colombia CO CO
Costa Rica CR CR
Serbia CS RS
Cyprus CY CY
Czech Republic CZ CZ
Germany DE DE
Denmark DK DK
Dominican Republic DO DO
Dubai DU AE-DU https://isdcf.com/ns/cplmd/territories
Ecuador EC EC
Estonia EE EE
Egypt EG EG
Spain ES ES
Ethiopia ET ET
Finland FI FI
France FR FR
Georgia GE GE
Ghana GH GH
Guadeloupe GP GP
Greece GR GR
Guatemala GT GT
Hong Kong HK HK
Honduras HN HN
Croatia HR HR
Hungary HU HU
Indonesia ID ID
Ireland IE IE
Israel IL IL
India IN IN
International INT 001
Iraq IQ IQ
Iceland IS IS
Italy IT IT
Jamaica JM JM
Jordan JO JO
Japan JP JP
Kenya KE KE
Kyrgyzstan KG KG
Cambodia KH KH
North Korea KP KP
South Korea KR KR
Kuwait KW KW
Kazakhstan KZ KZ
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA LA
Latin America LAS 419
Lebanon LB LB
Sri Lanka LK LK
Lithuania LT LT
Luxembourg LU LU
Latvia LV LV
Morocco MA MA
Moldova MD MD
Montenegro ME ME
Macedonia MK MK
Myanmar MM MM
Mongolia MN MN
Macao MO MO
Martinique MQ MQ
Malta MT MT
Mauritius MU MU
Maldives MV MV
Mexico MX MX
Malaysia MY MY
North America NAM 003
New Caledonia NC NC
Nigeria NG NG
Nicaragua NI NI
Netherlands NL NL
Norway NO NO
Nepal NP NP
New Zealand NZ NZ
Oman OM OM
Panama PA PA
Peru PE PE
French Polynesia PF PF
Philippines PH PH
Pakistan PK PK
Poland PL PL
Portugal PT PT
Paraguay PY PY
Qatar QA QA
Reunion RE RE
Romania RO RO
Russia RU RU
Saudi Arabia SA SA
Sweden SE SE
Singapore SG SG
Slovenia SI SI
Slovakia SK SK
Senegal SN SN
El Salvador SV SV
Syrian Arab Republic SY SY
Thailand TH TH
Tjikistan TJ TJ
Turkmenistan TM TM
Tunisia TN TN
Türkiye TR TR Legacy territory name: 'Turkey'
Trinidad TT TT
Taiwan TW TW
Tanzania TZ TZ
Ukraine UA UA
United Kingdom UK GB
United States US US
Uruguay UY UY
Uzbekistan UZ UZ
Venezuela VE VE
Vietnam VN VN
Samoa WS WS
South Africa ZA ZA
Kosovo ZK XK https://isdcf.com/ns/cplmd/territories