3D features often have both 2D and 3D versions. 3D features will also have both 2D and 3D trailers even if the feature doesn’t have a 2D version. This can be confusing since the feature title will often have “3D” in the title. (Example: JAWS-3D.)

Do not include “3D” in the Title Field unless “3D” is part of the movie’s title. If the DCP is 3D, this is noted in the Content Type field as a modifier and at the end of the name in the Standard field:

General Rules:

  1. If the movie is in 3D, “-3D” should appear in the Content Type field, and also in the Standard field after “IOP” or “SMPTE”.
  2. If the movie is in 2D, it is not necessary to include “2D” in the Content Type field; it will just be assumed.
  3. If the movie is in 3D, it will have both 3D and 2D trailers that need to be differentiated, so “2D” must appear in the Content Type field for the 2D trailer..
  4. If (and only if) the Movie Title has “3D” in it, then 3D should still appear in the Movie Title field: “StepUp3D“.

3D Glasses Cards

“Please Put Your 3D Glasses On Now” cards can be identified in several ways. “3DGlassesGen” in the title field can be used to denote a generic card.

In this case, the Content Type field should contain the denotation for a transitional element, which is: XSN.


Sometimes the card is designed for a specific film however, so the title of the movie should be used in the Title Field. In this case, you can populate the Content Type field with: “3D-Glasses” for clarity if you with. (This does represent an exception to normal Content Type field protocol.)