The Content Type and Version field is the area of the Naming Convention that identifies what type of content the DCP contains — whether it’s a feature, a trailer, a short subject, etc. — and what the version number is. The field can contain up to 7 characters. All content should be categorized as one of the following.

The Content Type is listed at //ContentKind:[1]

<CompositionPlaylist xmlns=””>

  1. If the scope attribute is absent, the permissible SMPTE 429-7 ContentKind values are as follows: “feature”, “trailer”, “teaser”, “test”, “rating”, “advertisement”, “short”, “transitional”, “psa”, and “policy”. If the scope attribute is present and set to http://www.smpte–, the permissible SMPTE ST 429-16 ContentKind values are as follows: “clip”, “promo” and “stereocard.” See the specification for details. ↩︎

# DCNC Code
(For CTT)
Description ContentKind Value
(For DCP Metadata)
ContentKind Scope
(For DCP Metadata)
ContentKind Defining Document(s)
1 FTR A theatrical feature. feature [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
2 TLR Short (2 to 3 minutes) content promoting an upcoming theatrical feature. trailer [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
3 TSR Very short (typically less than 1 minute) content promoting an upcoming theatrical feature. teaser [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
4 TST Content used to test, calibrate or setup D-Cinema exhibition equipment. test [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
5 RTG Slate/still picture indicating the recommended age group permitted to view the content to follow. This rating is generally unique per country. rating [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
6 ADV Content promoting a product or service other than an upcoming feature. advertisement [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
7 SHR Non advertising/promotional content (3 to 15 minutes) typically before a theatrical feature. short [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
8 XSN Extremely short content (1 to 15 seconds) separating unrelated compositions. transitional [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
9 PSA Public service announcement. psa [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
10 POL Content defining the code of conduct for patrons. policy [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
11 CLP An excerpt from a longer piece of content that may be displayed on its own or with other clips. clip [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
12 PRO A piece of promotional publicity or advertising. promo [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
13 STR 'Please Put Your 3D Glasses On Now' card stereocard [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
14 EPS Part of a dramatic work such as a serial television program. episode [SMPTE ST 2067-3:2013]
15 HLT Edited sequence of one or more memorable parts of an event, feature, episode or period of time. highlights [SMPTE ST 2067-3:2013]
16 EVT Activity that happens at a given place and time, especially one of importance, including a music performance, a contest making up a sports competition. event [SMPTE ST 2067-3:2013]