It’s important to add a version number after the Content Type code. For example, feature version 2 would be “FTR-2”, etc. This is important not only for selecting the correct version, but also for matching an “OV” with a “VF” version file (see Package Types). The Content Type field can also be expanded to add 2D or 3D identifiers (see Labeling 3D Product)

After the Content Type and Version number in the Content Type Field, you may add further descriptions or “Content Type Modifiers” in sub-fields separated by hyphens. For example: POL-1-Temp-RedBand-TheatreChain-3D-6fl-48

These are used “a la carte” only if needed, and must be used in this order with these value.

# DCNC Content Modifier Value
(For CTT)
Description CPL Metadata Sample/Values Metadata Defining Document(s)
1 [VersionNumber] Indicates the version number of the Composition. <VersionNumber>[VersionNumber]</VersionNumber> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
2 Final Final composition, including final sound, picture and accessibility features. Note: You should not use this modifier code in the CTT - this is present only to show the intended value of the VersionNumber's 'status' attribute in a 'Final' Composition. <VersionNumber status="final">...</VersionNumber> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
3 Temp Temporary composition, e.g. preview or rough-cut version. Picture and/or sound are temporary and unfinished. <VersionNumber status="temp">...</VersionNumber> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
4 Pre Pre-release Composition. Picture and sound are final, but not all features of the final version such as accessibility features are present. <VersionNumber status="pre">...</VersionNumber> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
5 RedBand For US released trailers, NATO and the MPAA have requested that trailers with the Red Band MPAA rating be clearly marked early in the DCP file name. This is so theatres will more clearly see the trailer is restricted, and not accidently place a Red Band trailer with a G, PG, or PG-13 movie. <Rating>
[SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
6 [CHAIN] A human-readable name of the specific targeted use (specific theatre chain or event) for which the Composition Playlist is intended. <Chain>[CHAIN]</Chain> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
7 ALT Alternative version - You have the option of using the word 'ALT' in the theatre chain sub-field instead of naming a specific theatre chain or event. <Chain>Alt</Chain> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
8 2D If the product is in both 2D and 3D, label the 2D version: '2D'. If the product only exists in 2D, you do not need to label it '2D' - it will be assumed to be in 2D if it is not otherwise described. <MainPicture>...</MainPicture> [SMPTE ST 429-7:2006]
9 3D If the product is 3D. <MainStereoscopicPicture>...</MainStereoscopicPicture> [SMPTE ST 429-10:2008]
10 [Luminance]fl There is currently no luminance standard for mastering 3D content. Some films are color timed at 3.5 foot lamberts, others at 4, 4.5, 6, 7, and even 10 foot lamberts. If you have multiple luminance versions of your product, put the foot lamberts numerical value here in order to signal which version the DCP contains. Do not use decimal points for the CTT. <Luminance units="foot-lambert">[Luminance]</Luminance> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
11 [FPS] Frame Rate numerical value (if other than 24 frames per second). <EditRate>[FPS]</EditRate> [SMPTE ST 429-16:2014]
12 DVis Dolby Vision graded image. <cpl-meta:ExtensionMetadata scope="">
  <cpl-meta:Name>Dolby EDR</cpl-meta:Name>
      <cpl-meta:Name>image transfer function</cpl-meta:Name>
[ISDCF CPL Metadata Extensions]
13 HDR1 DCI HDR graded image. <cpl-meta:ExtensionMetadata scope="">
  <cpl-meta:Name>Image Encoding Parameters</cpl-meta:Name>
      <cpl-meta:Value>ST 2084</cpl-meta:Value>
[DCI High Dynamic Range D-Cinema Addendum, Version 1.1]
14 EC Eclaircolor graded image.